Object Spy and Recorder doesn't work with version 5.5

We noticed that object Spy and Web recorder doesn’t work with Chrome or Firefox from version 5.5. Are there any work around?
Will that be fixed in the next version?

Please provide more details in this case, your flow and your observations why it didn’t’ work. Lack of information does not help us to verify and help you here

Spy Web using Chrome and FF: It loads the page but doesn’t highlight any objects to capture.
Web Recorder using Chrome and FF:Same issue as spy. Captures open browser and close browser and not recording any other actions like click.
I am using latest versions of Chrome and FF. The issue started happening after upgrading to 5.5

We just found out that the issue is happening with the latest versions of Chrome and FF. Older versions work just fine.
Is there any way to resolve this issue. We are the final steps of confirming Katalon as the automation tool.
All help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance