Button Clicks in Chrome not being recognized in Web Record post 5.6 upgrade

Hi, I’m trying to record a simple script in Chrome using the Web Recorder. It is not recognizing button clicks in most objects on the screen, most notably buttons.

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I am having the same issue, where I click a button and the play back ends in a failed test. I get this error message:

[error] Implicit Wait timed out after 10000ms

[error] Element xpath=(.//*[normalize-space(text()) and normalize-space(.)=‘Apply List To SMS Campaign’])[1]/following::select[1] not found

I was wondering if anyone knows if this is a configuration that I can set so buttons are recognized or is this a limitation of the app? Thanks in advance.

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Please check into this. Having the same issue after upgrade. This is annoying.

Has this been resolved? I am running into this issue for any new recording e.g. I get stuck at the login prompt.