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I have followed the steps in this post for installing plugins offline with KSE. I have a set of jar files in the /Plugins folder, but it seems that only 2 of the 8 actually installed (Basic Report and Test Rerun). If I go to Tools > Plugins, I can install a single plugin, but it only stays installed for the duration of my session. Additionally, I can only install one plugin using this method as after the first time, install becomes disabled and I only have the option to uninstall the plugin I just installed.

Hi @RTQ,
Maybe you have put your jar files in the wrong places. Remember that custom keyword plugins must be placed directly under Plugins folder, and IDE plugins must be placed under “platform” sub-folder of Plugins folder.
If your plugins originate from Katalon Store, you can determine their type under the Information section of each plugin details page.

Thank you!
I did not have a platform folder under Plugins, but I created one and put the plugins in according to their type as you suggested. All seem to work now except the Test Case Management with Tags one.
It would be helpful if the installation page in the Plugin Store had this kind of information or if this article noted the different location required for non-keyword plugins.

Hi @RTQ,
In fact, we have already mentioned it here

Thanks! In this case I was using offline plugins, not private plugins, so I didn’t think to check that article.

Hi @RTQ,
I mean that it use the same mechanism for storing plugins locally.