Install plugins offline


Hello, I would like to know how I can install the available plugins offline in my machine where there is no internet connection. I installed the v5.10.1 and I am having hard time to record some of the functionalities. For example; picking dates from the calendar widget, handling the dynamic elements, or handling multiple windows/frames, etc. So I would like to install the free plugins such as CalendarCustomKewword, AssertCustomKeywords, etc. Any help appreciated.

Downloading Plugins

@Parsley, at this moment we don’t support installing plugins offline


Moved to Feature Suggestion. We will work on this feature soon.


The sooner the better please.


With the basic report now being a plug-in, I need to make the junit report in jenkins work.
Unfortunately, I can’t make it connect to the plug-in online everytime I execute due to Security proxy settings we have at work. There should be a way we don’t need to rely on plug-ins being online all the time.


i think you can install plugin offline - to do so

  1. open pc with internet connection, open your Katalon, install plugins, close Katalon
  2. open C:\Users[user].katalon folder
  3. go to your vm/pc which does not have internet connection, open C:\Users[user].katalon folder
  4. in vm - if you did not have plugins installed, then just simply copy “plugin” subfolder
    plugin has subfolders with jars:
    you can also copy those jar files to vm and in there open Katalon and in menu select - this could be used if you already imported some plugins, because there is also jason file “plugin/” which has path to the installed plugin.


PS if you copied over [user].katalon/plugin folder as is, do not forget to edit [user].katalon/plugin/ file to replace user name


Really appreciate your reply. But can you do a step by step blog on this (with screenshot)? Sorry Its super confusing.

By the way, what does the plugin directory do that is with-in the Katalon project? Can’t we just add the jar plugins there? why does it have to be added to the C:\Users[user].katalon directory? Trying to understand the difference between them…



@abondarev, thanks for information,

Anyway, I don’t find the file you are talking about (
By only copying jar files into offline PC, it does’nt work.
Would it be possible to detail what are the files to modify & how to modify them ?

Thanks in advance


Just curious what is this “Plugins” directory used for?

Katalon let’s me have one keyword plugin there. I cannot have more than one. I guess it loads the first plugin based on the alphabetical order?


Our installation of Katalon Studio is behind a firewall on a virtual machine for security reasons. Having a way to download the plugins locally and install them offline to our VMs would be an excellent idea.


Same to me