Install plugins offline

Hello, I would like to know how I can install the available plugins offline in my machine where there is no internet connection. I installed the v5.10.1 and I am having hard time to record some of the functionalities. For example; picking dates from the calendar widget, handling the dynamic elements, or handling multiple windows/frames, etc. So I would like to install the free plugins such as CalendarCustomKewword, AssertCustomKeywords, etc. Any help appreciated.


@Parsley, at this moment we don’t support installing plugins offline

Moved to Feature Suggestion. We will work on this feature soon.

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The sooner the better please.

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With the basic report now being a plug-in, I need to make the junit report in jenkins work.
Unfortunately, I can’t make it connect to the plug-in online everytime I execute due to Security proxy settings we have at work. There should be a way we don’t need to rely on plug-ins being online all the time.

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i think you can install plugin offline - to do so

  1. open pc with internet connection, open your Katalon, install plugins, close Katalon
  2. open C:\Users[user].katalon folder
  3. go to your vm/pc which does not have internet connection, open C:\Users[user].katalon folder
  4. in vm - if you did not have plugins installed, then just simply copy “plugin” subfolder
    plugin has subfolders with jars:
    you can also copy those jar files to vm and in there open Katalon and in menu select - this could be used if you already imported some plugins, because there is also jason file “plugin/” which has path to the installed plugin.

PS if you copied over [user].katalon/plugin folder as is, do not forget to edit [user].katalon/plugin/ file to replace user name

Really appreciate your reply. But can you do a step by step blog on this (with screenshot)? Sorry Its super confusing.

By the way, what does the plugin directory do that is with-in the Katalon project? Can’t we just add the jar plugins there? why does it have to be added to the C:\Users[user].katalon directory? Trying to understand the difference between them…


@abondarev, thanks for information,

Anyway, I don’t find the file you are talking about (
By only copying jar files into offline PC, it does’nt work.
Would it be possible to detail what are the files to modify & how to modify them ?

Thanks in advance

Just curious what is this “Plugins” directory used for?

Katalon let’s me have one keyword plugin there. I cannot have more than one. I guess it loads the first plugin based on the alphabetical order?

Our installation of Katalon Studio is behind a firewall on a virtual machine for security reasons. Having a way to download the plugins locally and install them offline to our VMs would be an excellent idea.

Same to me

I agree, this is a big one. It has been mentioned in other places as well:

I have a similar situation as others in this topic. The studio can load plugins just fine upon opening, as long as an appropriate proxy is configured. But then you cannot execute against any offline applications due to the proxy :frowning:

Is it true that the studio has to reload plugins every time it executes? In other tools, like JMeter, the standard procedure for me was to either:

1.) Configure a proxy to access a plugin store, download my plugins, then remove the proxy config.
2.) Manually download/install the plugin

In either case, the studio MUST be able to use local copies of the plugins, instead of accessing the plugin store every time it’s opened.

In the meantime, I will have to use a 5.0.0 version of the studio where basic reporting was built-in :frowning: This was actually one of the reasons I held off on updating my studio in the first place…

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for me, the procedure with jmeter was to prepare on my machine a full custom one with all plugins, pack it an deploy it on remote machines. for katalon … i din’t tried, but a custom docker image may work, untill this get fixed

@devalex88 I think this should be really looked at. We haven’t upgraded into the latest version as we integrated our reporting into Jenkins. Our company restricts us connecting to the internet when using our internal tools. I believe we are not the only ones who will have this issue as most companies and their cybersecurity team won’t allow their enterprise tools to connect to the internet every time it is run. There should be an offline way to do this.


+1 to @Brandon_Hein

++ for @Evan too. altough i will find such situation challenging and do various voodoo, for most of the people this will create lot of frustration

Hello everyone,

Katalon Studio Enterprise users can install the available plugins offline. Please check out our offers.


Hi Jass,
I have KSE installed and downloaded several plugins from our TestOps page. I followed this article ( to place them in the Plugins folder of my project and set the Project Settings to use Local Plugins only. However, other than the Basic Reports and Rerun plugins, no others appear to be installed. I’m using KSE 7.2.1.

Hello RTQ,

Please make sure you have enabled each plugin accordingly after downloading. If you still encounter the issue, feel free to report a bug.

Thank you!