I have a Licence KSE, and can't install Plugin


We have bought 4 licences for our team. But when I try to install a plugin, we ask each user to buy a licence. But I have already bought a licence.
Also I’ve install plugin by by using the zip package, but when I start Katalon application, I lost my plugin.

Could you tell me how to install plugin because it’s free for me?
Hichème Kaddour

Hi @hicheme.kaddour.ext,

Please download plugin packages in Katalon Store (you can find those packages in the changelog section of each plugin). Then put the .jar file to the Plugins folder with the following structure:



 |___ platform

         |___ IDE plugin 1.jar

         |___ IDE plugin 2.jar

         |___ ....

         |___ IDE plugin n.jar

 |___ Custom keyword plugin 1.jar

 |___ Custom keyword plugin 2.jar

 |___ ...

 |___ Custom keyword plugin n.jar

Thank you.