Plugins folder empty after installing new Katalon Studio version

Hello folks,

I installed the Basic Report plugin but cannot find it under Plugins…

Where should I be looking for it?

Dialog displays 6.1.2 but it is 6.1.5

There probably is a GitHub project example but I’ve not found it yet…
Anyone know where to look?


@Dave_Evers After installing on Katalon Store you need to click on Reload plugins under plugin store Top right. That will show you which plugins installed.

The plugin folder will still be empty. I think this is for the plugins that you will install directly from JAR files.

Thanks for your reponse.

Right did that…

You probably missed my question about a GitHub project example above as I was entering it while you were responding.

You are looking for Basic Report ?

I think its just some configuration issue from Katalon team.

Yes that’s correct…
I thought it was a config issue too…
Cannot find where to set / enable the plugin.

Hi guys.

The Plugin folder is intended to be used in custom keyword plugin development. You can place your plug-in jar file there and reload the project to test the custom keyword. The location of the installed plug-ins from Store is at Preference > Katalon > Plugins.

You can change the location if you want.

Cheers !

Thanks for your reply.
Cheers Dave

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