Unable to save testcases generated from katalon manual tests to KATALON

unable to save testcases generated from katalon manual tests to KATALON

I have configured on jira, testops and katalon yet getting this error

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Hi there,

Thank you very much for your topic. Please note that it may take a little while before a member of our community or from Katalon team responds to you.


Hi @rodriguesmarjie,

Thank you for sharing your issue. Can you please help share the error log you received, the version you are using, any recording if possible

Hello @Elly_Tran ,

where can i find the error log?

a)I have integrated katalon in jira

b)same on testops

when i generate manual testcases on jira and try to save, I get that error

Please assist me asap as i need to complete the certification

under select location . the location is not loading only

Yes, the same problem. Please assist in resolving this.

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Could someone please assist me asap. I am preparing for my certification and my trial license is going to expire

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I also have the same problem, please help us soon @Elly_Tran

Hi all,

We found out that we could reproduce it. I have created a ticket for this and let you know soon if any update.


thanks for the confirmation

any updates?

My trial license is going to expire.

I gotta complete the certification before the subscription expires

any updates team?


We are still investigating and figuring out the cause. I will let you know soon if any update

ok, I am waiting… I need to complete my certification asap :slight_smile:

hi, please help to check also, I got below error when try save testcase from jira

There is no Katalon Cloud Script Repository.

Team, any updates

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You can try again as it has started working for me.

after click ‘save to Katalon’ button


Hi all,

I got the update that it has been working now. Please help check it again: Recording #96. Thank you

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thanks it worked

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