Saving too difficult

Hi, thanks for providing Katalon Recorder, if you can make saving test cases and test suites easier, I may actually use it.

I use the Firefox addon version. Katalon Recorder does not remember which folder I saved the suite, so every time I try to save the test suite I must find the folder again. It seems to default to the Downloads folder.

The same goes for creating new tests within a test suite, saving is too difficult - make it a test case menu option. When the recorder works, each test case is saved, but sometimes it fails, and I have to make the test by hand by filling out the commands, and saving is way too difficult - why not just autosave?

What happens most times, is that the command form is just emptied, and I lose all the commands and selectors. It is very frustrating, so I hope you can help with this otherwise excellent tool. If there is something I am doing wrong, please let me know.




Yes… please add “Save Test Suite” option next to “Save Test Suite As…”. Thanks.