Unable to save Test Suite in Katalon Recorder

Hi all,

I’m having an issue when trying to save a Test Suite in Katalon Recorder. I used to be able to do this no problem but now all I see if the following when attempting to save:

Then when I try and save the Test Suite as ‘New’ I get the following network error.

Has anyone else seen this?


Katalon Save.jpg

Katalon Error.jpg

Have you been able to find an answer for this, I am getting the same issue now.
Just started to happen today for me.


Hi Baran,

I’m afraid not, althought the issue apepars to have gone away for me I think it may have been related to my work machine and not Katalon.


Thanks for response, it was machine / installation related.
Removed it from my machine, rebooted, and launched chrome, and reinstall the addin from google store.
Reboot again, then started to work.