Unable to save test case

I’m fairly new to variables and Katalon in general but I’m hitting this issue. Can’t create my own variables. I’m able to add variables in the script section of the test case, but after saving they won’t appear in my list of variables. Which makes me think I’m doing something wrong…which is likely.

I’m experiencing the ‘Unable to save part.’ issue/message as well. Using a fairly fresh 5.10.1 build.

Hi @Jeff_Sharp, @mr_a_hunt , @Tom6

This issue seems to be troubling yet we can’t reproduce it. Could you guys share with us detail steps to reproduce it ? Maybe there may be some hidden commonalities that may help us. Please look at this post.


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Same issue. Brand New Katalon Install. After ignoring the changes and re applying the changes to the groovy file, we were able to save again.

This issue happens regularly when i’m scripting test cases. It just happens randomly since i have upgraded to the version 5.10.x onward. Temporary solution i have to delete the whole katalon studio and download a new one to launch my project.

Im also facing the same issue.is there a solution available for this issue?

I’m no longer having this issue. I didn’t change anything so I’m not sure why it’s no longer occurring, but it hasn’t happened for over about a week now.

Hi, we are getting this issue as well. It happens when changing value of variable on “Variable” tab in Test Case.
Workaround is to switch to tab “Manual”, click “Save All” button and then you can work again.
It’s really annoying and would be great to fix this. I can also confirm that this issue occurs on random basis, but quite often.


I am facing this issue invariably.
Makes the tool look useless because it won’t let me save and all my progress was lost.

Hi Team,

Unable to open browser on Linux using KATALON and also unable to save new script.

Please suggest resolution.


@Ajeet_Kumar_Yadawa,which version of Katalon are you using? Please also send us the log file when you encounter any of the above errors.

I have similar outstanding issue:

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i found a temporary work solution, when you face the problem unable to save part again, just rename your test case. It might retains your edit part.

I also have this problem.
After adding variables to Variables Page, it cannot be saved, prompting “unable to save part.”
My PC is Win7 x64, and the language is Chinese. Version: 5.9.x 5.10.x 6.x.x.
The version I can’t reproduce is 5.6.x.

Attached is the log file. The following is a summary:
katalon.log (7.6 KB)

!ENTRY org.eclipse.jface 4 0 2019-03-22 16:39:42.605
!MESSAGE Unhandled event loop exception during blocked modal context.
org.eclipse.swt.SWTException: ‘CodeMirror’ 未定义
at org.eclipse.swt.browser.WebBrowser$EvaluateFunction.function(WebBrowser.java:192)
at org.eclipse.swt.browser.WebSite.Invoke(WebSite.java:833)
at org.eclipse.swt.browser.WebSite$7.method6(WebSite.java:184)

Hi @tomoya_chen,

Please try this solution: Response frame and Request Message in blank - version 5.8.4 of Marlon_Cettina

Same with me… error in katalon version 6.1.2 build 2 for mac at 14 may 2019

Flow I found the issue:

  1. Setting GET request and url
  2. set HTTP header name: x-api-key , value: {value apikey}
  3. save
  4. run (200)
  5. I remove x-api-key in tab HTTP header
  6. save (error: “unable to save part”)

but, when I play/ run (pop up error: “unable to save part”) then I click OK in the pop up, request is running. but NOT save (any * in the tab of request).

@huynguyen- This isse due to access write in Linux folder. Now it’s resolved by getting right access for file creation.

Thank you so much.

Same with me… error in katalon version 6.1.3 for Windows 10 at 10 June 2019

Below is the flow for which I found the issue:

  1. Do changes in the test suite
  2. Uncheck any test case from the test suite
  3. save
  4. run (200)
  5. save (error: “unable to save part”)

but, when I play/ run (pop up error: “unable to save part”) then I click OK on the pop-up, a request is running. but it does not allow me to run. After closing the Katalon application and then starting again the application allows me to run the test suite.


I am using latest version of Katalon (7.1.1) even then same issue, sometimes Save disabled or Save throws error

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