Katalon unable to detect or record desktop application

Currently, Katalon is not working with a desktop applications I am trying to test. Each of these programs have a login screen, and closes into the main program. When I first run the application file via Spy Windows Objects/Record Windows Actions, it is able to detect the login screen (UI developed in Visual C++ 2006). However, after logging into the program where the login popup closes and the main program UI appears (UI developed in VB6), Katalon is unable to detect the object with the error “Could not capture Windows element” “Reason: WebDriverException”.

When I click Switch to Desktop, the new UI appears in the list of objects, but it takes very long before the screen objects list is populated. Once all of the screen objects in the Windows Action Recorder is loaded, trying to interact with one of these objects in the program I am testing will fail.

When I run tasklist during the login screen and during the main program UI, the PID, session name and session number stay constant.

With another program I am testing, it is unable to detect the login screen, yet Katalon is able to detect the program after logging in and going into the main program. This program is developed in Visual C++ 13 to the best of my knowledge.

Hi @matthew.to,

When main program UI appear, that has the different window with the login window so KS will not detect they are the same application. To continue recording with main window, you need to press Switch to Window Title and enter your main window title. Katalon will capture the main window and let you continue recording.



Hi Duyluong, Thank you very much.

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