Cannot capture object while recording Windows desktop application using katalon

Hello everyone,
When I use katalon to record Windows desktop applications, after recording, the application is activated to open the login interface automatically, but the operations in the login interface, including entering account, password and clicking login, have not been captured and recorded.
I don’t know why and how to solve it. I sincerely hope someone can help me.

I first created a new project, then set the test environment as windows in project -setting, and then click record windows action. Does my operation cause the above problems.

OS:win 10

Windows Recording does not record actions directly as you interact with the app. You must use the Screen View and Possible Actions in the Windows Action Recorder to interact with your desired application.

In your case, click the desired text box in the Screen View. It should highlight the box with a green rectangle. Then click the Set Text option in Possible Actions. Here type the text you want to enter. After clicking Apply Action, you should see the text has been entered into the application.

This is the workflow you will need to use for all interaction with a Windows application. Hope this helps!


Because I didn’t understand the workflow before, I did encounter many problems. After your guidance, I can record the desktop program normally. The help you provided to me is really meaningful. Thank you sincerely.Best wishes for you.