Unable to connect to Katalon Analytics

I am not able to connect to Katalon analytics , though my Credentials are correct , crossed checked it manytimes . It is showing error as in the attached screenshot.
I am able to access katalon analytics with the same credentials on my local browser, but once i am logging out getting some error at the top right corner as some unexpected json.


@Vinh Nguyen Can you please help me out?
I tried all the possible options. Please if you could help me.

Hi Aiman,

This has a high possible related to proxy connection is not applied for KA. Is there any proxy configuration from your side?

yes there is proxy configuration … BUt I dont know how to solve this issue of Proxy.

In Proxy preferences , I have kept No Proxy option.

Currently 5.3 doesn’t support proxy connection for KA. And yes, Proxy preferences is the place where you set your proxy settings and it *should* affect connection KA, but unfortunately it doesn’t in 5.2

Is there any plan to support proxy connection in an upcoming release?

manisha said:

Is there any plan to support proxy connection in an upcoming release?

Hi Manisha,

Yes, there is a plan to support the proxy connection in the future release. However, I don’t have the exact ETA on which versions due to lots of factors involved in each release.

Thank you for using and supporting Katalon tools set,

Sorry for the late response. Since Katalon Studio 5.3.0 the proxy configuration has been honored when uploading reports to Katalon Analytics.