Cannot connect to Katalon Analytics Server


I would like to use the Katalon Analytics Integration in Katalon Studio. When I enter my credentials I receive the error message “Cannot connect to Katalon Analytics Server”. I logged in manually to check if the credentials were wrong, but it worked without problems.

Could you help me to solve this issue?

Hello , can do the integration like this

That’s exactly what I tried but as you can see on the error message the connection with Katalon Analytics won’t work…

Hello Burtwich,
Have you resolved the issue. If you resolved please let me know we are facing the same issue.

No it’s still not working…

Hi @quile, could you please help investigate this issue and give us an update?



Hi @burtwich,
Can you please try again with the latest Katalon Studio version 6.0.6? If the issue still persists, please click on the “Details” button and share with us the log.

Example below:

Hope it helps.

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Hi @mia.ferguson
I tried it with version 6.1.0. and it is still not working. This is the error message: image

tried with Version: 6.1.2 and not working for me either - same screenshot as previous poster.

Do you apply proxy or firewall in your network?. Could you share us your screenshot?.


I’m having the same issue. I checked and I’m definitely not using a proxy. So that can not be the root cause.

I still get this message:


Any other suggestions besides checking proxy?

Please go to Help menu -> Error log. Save this log file and send us to investigate.

Katalon Error Log Sebastian.txt (22.1 KB)

Additional background: This is the situation using the project environment at my client. WHen Im using Katalon from my personal device, connceting to Analytics works smoothly.

Help is much appreciated.