Unable to access Custom keywords when the Keywords folder is copied from one project to another

I wanted to copy a keyword folder from one project to another. When I did the same, I was unable to access the Custom keyword. Kindly provide any info on this asap.

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Please provide as much as information when you say that ‘unable to access’. Lack of information will not help us to assist you in this case

I experiment the same issue, I followed this explanation on the forum to “duplicate” a project:

but it says nothing regarding the custom Keywords.

In my case I have several .groovy file in ORIGINAL_PROJECT\Keywords\com\reusableComponents\file01.groovy, …

when copy-pasting these as NEW_PROJECT\Keywords\com\reusableComponents\file01.groovy, …

Starting a new instance of Katalon -> open the NEW_PROJECT
-> Test cases are ok
-> Nothing visible in the Keywords folder (refreshing it give the com package but nothing under it)

OK RESOLVED -> rename the com folder as com.reusableComponents and it finds it.

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