To taste the Desktop app do we need to buy the full version of Katalon Studio?

Hi, I am new to the Katalon Studio and I have few questions: We are trying to use the Katalon studio for our desktop apps and we have database SQL Server. When I tried to automate a Desktop app in the Katalon Studio it asked to connect with the Database and when the database is connected it asks to upgrade the License. I am wondering, to taste the Desktop app do we need the full version of Katalon Studio? Do we need to buy the License? Is there a way to automate the real Desktop App without upgrading to the Katalon License/without connecting to the database? Your help will be much appreciated…

There are so many chances in Katalon Studio where KS asks us to upgrade the License. You should tell us precisely what you did.

Please tell us what operation steps you followed; others in the forum can not look at what your hands did.

Which button you clicked in which dialog?

Any screenshots?

Hi, thank you for your response.

The steps I followed:

  1. Browse to the Application exe file
  2. Click on the Run Button
  3. It asked to connect to the Database
  4. Database connection got successful & When I tried to click on “apply” it asked to Upgrade to the License.

To taste a desktop app, following steps you should take:

  • Take a fork and stick into it, wait to slow down the movements …
  • If still moves, use a hammer or whatver else to kill it …
  • Use a knife to cut a thin slice, and taste it

For the DB config you tried, avoiding to fill in the JDBC driver field may make katalon to use the internal driver, therefore avoiding to ask for a licence.

I think @bionel means this:


  • An active Katalon Studio Enterprise license.

It seems you should use the built-in JDBC driver if possible.

Hi Bionel,

are you trying to set this at project level?
i am not sure but that may be also a paid feature.
i don’t have the mood to cook and taste this.
search the docs and release notes.

sorry but i am getting old, but if my memory is stil good, such shoud work fine at testsuite level settings (whitout a custom driver) but at project level is a paid feature with or without.

feel free to dig


Actually, we are trying to use the Katalon Studio for our desktop apps. I am doing research and trying to see if this is really a good tool that we can use to automate our Desktop apps.
So, I am trying with our one of the real apps.

i understand this.
feel free to do your research.
i am old and i just ate, usually after i do such i need to rest a bit.
call me a lizzard but this is it.
tomorrow, after coffee, i may do some research for you… or not.


Thank you