Desktop Automation with Katalon

Hi Team,

I am exploring the new tool for my desktop automation purpose,We have 2 different application one is Desktop and other is web based.

  1. We have automated web based application with help of selenium and integrated with Jenkins with BDD framework.

  2. Desktop application tool is getting tested manually.

Based on the information provided, i can able to understand Katalon providing me a suite which can be used for web, desktop application.

I need to understand the below options.

  • We need to kickstart our POC for desktop based tool, need to understand Katalon is having 2 different versions one is Katalon and Katalon Enterprise version.

  • Please advise do we need to go for Enterprise version to kick-start POC ?

  • We are looking for floating license for better utilisation

  • We are working in Windows platform and all our desktop is based on Windows 8. Does Katalon support windows 8 for desktop automation or do we need to go for Desktop upgrade ?

Request you to please help me on this ?

Hi @Srigururaj.Dhandapan

Please contact for instant support regarding Katalon subscription and licenses.