Katalon Database Integration Require License?

Is the database driven testing now require a license?
From my last visit the apply button does not notify this upgrade.

Anyone familiar on the update scope regarding database integration?
Thank you!

Hi @hannah.martin, thank you for sharing this with us. The DDT is always an advanced feature with KSE license. I would assume that you have experienced it during your KSE 30-day trial for first time user of KS. Within 30 days, you are enjoying all features of KSE. And when the trial is up, your subscription stays at free offering with some limitations. You can find out more about the differences here Katalon Studio vs Katalon Studio Enterprise Features | Katalon Docs. Please let me know this is the answer that you are looking for or how else I can support you. Thanks.

I am using SQL server with this feature part: Read input values for test scripts from Oracle SQL, and SQL Server. Though before it does not included in the KSE, on ‘Apply’ part button, even when I created a new account to the Katalon with the trial version it does not apply the added database connection. The button that is working for KS is only in the ‘Test Connection’ part. @vu.tran