The new Notification Menu

Hi community member, :wave:

Those of you who have a keen eye for details may have noticed that the Notification menu (your profile pic on our forum head, next to the hamburger menu) now looks rather different.

This is because our friends over at Discourse is currently rolling out the new design to all Discourse-based forums (that include us). And that they are also planning to phase out the old design in the coming days.

The new notification menu design may seem rather overwhelming at first, but give it a few days and you will get used to it in no time. The video below shows what each button in the new menu is (from top → bottom)…

  • The bell :bell: icon: all notifications regardless of types i.e. likes, reactions, PMs, etc. (think of this as the “all” filter)
  • The arrow icon: others’ replies to you or mention you within their topics/posts
  • The heart :heart: icon: show who react to your topics/posts and where.
  • The mail :email: icon: Show all PMs of which you are involved in.
  • The bookmark icon: all the topics/posts which you have saved for later.
  • The “everything else” icon: this overlaps with the bell icon quite a bit but you can think of it as displaying low-level, unimportant notìications.
  • The profile icon: displays a list of option similar to the old menu e.g. Summary, Activity, Invites, Drafts, Preferences, and Log Out.

If you encounter any problem with the new menu, please let us know below :point_down:

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It seems the Replies menu lists only those responses that are at least two days behind when you put in the response.
Edit: It may be that no Replies have been added on to my “Replies” menu since the change was done on my account.
Edit2: Ha, found them. So, Replies are to me. My responses are under “All Notifications”, but there does seem to be a delay in getting them.
Edit3: And I responded to the below link and I can’t find it in my “All Notifications”. So, any idea where I can find it in the new menu items? I can find the “heart” in “All Notifications”, but not my original response.