Site Feedback Roundup - July 15

Hi Community members! :wave:

Thank you for your continued feedback for our Community. Below are some of the things that we’re working on this week.

:pushpin: See out previous Feedback Roundup here

Changes and Improvements

:white_check_mark:Changing the notifications level for topics, categories & tags now won’t result in the the button turning white-ish/transparent.

:white_check_mark:[Mobile] We’ve hidden the Footer so that it will not appear first when navigating between pages, you can still see the Footer by going to the Hamburger Menu > Desktop view.

:white_check_mark:We’ve made a small change for reactions so that it would gray out unless hovered to reduce visual distractions.

What’s new


We’ve enabled the Voting feature and you can now vote for topics within Bug Report, Feature Request and Site Feedback to indicate your support or to escalate glitches/feature requests to our team. Within a category where the Voting feature is enabled, you’ll see the Vote Counts in the topic list & next to the topic title.

Your Votes will also be displayed in your profile under Activity > Votes.

Some things to note about Voting:

  • Your vote count is finite, unlike Likes/Reactions. By default, users of each Trust Level will have a different number of Votes:

    • TL0: 3 Votes
    • TL1: 6 Votes
    • TL2: 9 Votes
    • TL3: 12 Votes
    • TL4: 15 Votes
  • When you run out of votes, you’d need to wait until the topics that you have voted on are closed/archived before your votes are returned to you, at which point you can start voting on other topics. The vote count in the previous topic(s) would remain unchanged.

Follow function

You can now follow other members by clicking on the follow button within a member’s profile or on the usercard.

A ‘Follows’ section will be added to your profile which allows you to:

  • See the latest topics involving the person you’re following.
  • Get notified when they create a topic/reply.

You can also tweak the Follow settings under Preferences > Notifications

Push Notification

We’ve enabled Push Notifications for Desktop on Chrome & Firefox which should work similarly to the Discourse app on Mobile. Now you can receive notifications even if you have closed the Community tab(s) on your browser.

This feature should work on Chrome Desktop 51 and up (as well as other Chromium-built browsers) and Firefox Desktop 44 and up. Do let us know below if it doesn’t work on your browser :+1:

What we’re working on

  • We’re exploring alternatives to the Top Contributors side block that are more holistic than the current implementation (counting not just likes received/given, but also number of posts marked as solutions, numbers of topics created, etc.) and that would allow you to opt-in/out or at least allow us to exclude you from them if you wish to.

  • We’re looking into TT Norms’s alternative to avoid display/rendering issues for Headings & elsewhere as reported by @Russ_Thomas

  • [Code Formatting] Lack of indentations when using code blocks as reported by @kazurayam


  • We haven’t been able to reproduce the issue where the search banner “Welcome to Katalon Community” doesn’t render correctly as reported by @kazurayam . Please let us know below if the problem persists.

Thanks for your continued feedback, :+1:
Katalon Team


Here is another glitch - it involves the addition of the recent posters avatars to the topic listing which, in addition to the “glow” effect, has some spurious CSS positioning applied. Like this: image using the class string “avatar latest”

As a baseline, the following shows a list of avatars WITHOUT the most recent poster glow applied and no obvious change in the positioning:


Here is a list of avatars showing the problem. Note the out-of-position recent poster, shifted up and to the left:


Removing the glow, the most recent poster is still out of position:


The following image removes the glow AND the spurious CSS which causes the positioning problem:


The CSS I removed to fix it:

Now we can put the glow back:

image Pretty sweet and back to how it used to work (i.e properly) :dart:

Best advice: The more complex your CSS, the less CSS you should add. ALWAYS try removing before adding something new. Any time you add position:relative to your CSS, make a mental note: you’ll likely be revisiting that code again and again. Whoever wrote this stuff, changed it from the original, for reasons I cannot fathom: it worked just fine.

Tested on Firefox and Chrome, Windows 10.

Actually, Chrome lays out the glow effect quite poorly – see the gap on the left? (zoomed to aid visibility)


How on Earth did you notice that, Russ?

I’m a quality analyst/test engineer. Details are my thing. Get over it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :sunglasses:

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i was just playing with various emoticons for feedback and got this:

That’s a bit draconian.

Hi @Russ_Thomas , thank you very much for spotting that glitch out, I’ll try to see if the same problem appear on said browsers & Edge & Safari on the Mac and also let the Discourse team know about this :smile:


All said browsers are affect as well, though on Edge the ‘glow ring’ shifted slightly upward like in the picture below. We’ll let the Discourse team know about this. :crossed_fingers:


Hi @bionel , let me look into this and get back to you soon :+1:

It’s not critical, I think I reached that after about 10 times changing … I was just surprised :slight_smile: