TestSuite Collection Listener


Describe the problem you have :
Currently there is no way to trigger an action when a TestSuiteCollection is started .
I need this feature because we are implementing a custom report builder and this feature is blocking the progress , we cannot retrieve all reports without an external tool.

Test Listeners are great for single tests but once you want to scale up your tests you are blocked, unless you use TestOps.

**Please let us know, how would your work be affected while this request has not been resolved?
I cannot continue my job, and have to work on something else while awaiting your response.

Describe the feature you’d like or how the current features need to be updated.
Adding the possibility @BeforeTestSuiteCollection and @AfterTestSuiteCollection test suite collections .

Does your Test Suite Collection executes the comprising Test Suites in parallel? If so, @BeforeTestSuiteCollection and @AfterTestSuiteCollection will be useful if available.

If not (= Test Suites are executed sequentially), I think there can be alternative solutions.

I have ever encountered a similar problem. What did I do to solve the problem? My TestListener saved the path info of the Test Suites’ reports into a file in the project. My custom report builder retrieved that file and referred to the reports of Test Suites.

thank you, thats what i had in place but its not as good as a builtin solution.

it’s very annoying because in test listeners we have no access to the collection and in plugins we have no access to the test cases