Tests stops at some point


im having an issue on my remote desktop,
at some point run of test suite collection just stops in place and its not progressing,
lets say i have 300 test cases and it only runs 120.

I havent notice this issue when running tests normally on my desktop

Does it stop between two of the suites or in the middle of a suite?

How many suites in the collection?

What version of Katalon Studio?

Looks like it stops in the middle of diffrent test suites each time,
there is around 50 test suites and a total of 320 test cases.

Katalon Studio versio 7.7.2

Any update maybe?
Problem is still occuring, i’ve noticed that test stops only between test suites now

Dig out the execution log and post it here. Maybe @ThanhTo/@duyluong can take a look.

Help > Error log

Hi @wolczoskar,

It’s better if your send the Report folder in the private chat to us.