Stop execution of all test cases in a test suite collection on any failure?

I’m running a test suite collection and I need to stop the execution if any test case fails. Is that possible?

For example, I have 6 test suites in a collection. If the third test case fails for any reason, I want to stop the execution of the rest of the tests.

Hello Brian,

Your question looks very similar to this thread. I would suggest you to see this link.

I don’t think you can do that, but you migth play around with “skip test case option”, available since v5.10:

Please provide solution to the above thread. How to stop the entire Test suite from getting executed when one test case fails in the Suite

I have got a solution to this years-old problem

Hi @akshar.a,

From version 8.1.0, Katalon supports stop execution when exceeding N test case failed via running by KRE

Imaging that we have a test suite to measure the Health of our product. This test suite contains about 100 TCs. To make sure product quality is good, it is accepted only N test cases failed (1<=N<=100 as an example). If having N test cases failed, stop current executing & returned build for fixing. With 8.1.0, we can do that


Hope it will help. More information can be found here:


Note: Test suite& test suite collection have the same logic