Tests aren't started anymore

For several days, no test case or test suite can be started anymore.

Before my problem, I opened the test suite and pressed the run button (default web service). Then the test suite started one test case after the other and I got the results in the log viewer.

But now I’m doing the same. But in the job progress view this gets directly into . The only output I get is in the event log view.
Launcher status after execution process completed: Terminated

Additionally, I found a new file in my root directory of the katalon project named like:

Inside this file, I see a java class path definition:
-classpath C:\git\project\bin\keyword;C:\git\project\bin\listener;C:\git\project\bin\lib;C:\git\project\bin\groovy;C:\git\project\bin;C:\Users\131265724\.katalon\packages\Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-9.3.0\Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-9.3.0\plugins\com.kms.katalon.core_1.0.0.202403142012.jar;.....

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Which Katalon version have you been using? I still do not fully understand your issue? Your expected result is that you should see

but now you don’t and jump directly to Log View?

I’m using Katalon Studio Enterprise 9.3.2 Build 212.

Currently, no test suite or test case is running locally. Even a small test case with hello world is not running.

KeywordUtil.logInfo('Hello world!')

Before, it was running, but I surely did some miss configuration, that nothing is running any more. And I don’t have any glue, what happened.

As I mentioned in the text above, I only get this one line of output in the event log view and this file in the root directory of my project. The first characters of this file I’ve also put in the message above. The file consists of this one line only.