TestOps & Git integration


I’m trying to schedule tests via TestOps, with no success.
I can’t create a git repository - Getting this error message:
https://github.com/name/katalon.git: git-upload-pack not permitted on 'https://github.com/name/katalon.git/'

Also, when ZIPping my project and uploading it (Create script repository), I get a message that:
No Test Suite Collections

Can someone please help me with this?

Hi @bhaimovits,

Apologize for the late reply.

  1. TestOps & Git integration:
    For us to fully understand your problem, could you please provide additional information on what kind of Git repos (Github, GitLab,…) you used and how you integrated your Git repos (recording/ reproduction steps would be greatly appreciated).
    Also a possible reason for failure is that you have used Git password instead of access token.

  2. Issue with ZIP project
    We’re currently unable to reproduce this issue. Please kindly try again & if the problem persists, please provide us with step to reproduce & recording.

Thank you and Best Regards,

For the scheduling problem, I have filed a report here https://github.com/katalon-studio/katalon-testops/issues/212

I got the same problem using a gitlab repository.
I believe it is because our gitlab is on our local network (i.e. connecting internet site TestOps to local network site GitLab will not work for obvious purposes. Exposing our gitlab to the internet is something that is very unlikely to happen – but we need it to work without exposing our gitlab to the internet)

As for the other issue I have read somewhere that this is something that is already being looked into – supporting script repositories as is (not zipped, straight from a repository like gitlab)

Hello Team,

I am also facing same issue, any solution for this?