connect git repo to testops

Hello guys,
I’m seeking the answers how to connect all of the project, test suites, etc from Github to TestOps. I can connect them but it’s not sync or appear on TestOps. One of my repository already connected somehow, but I’m not really sure what happened. Anyway thanks in advance


I suggest you to do:

  1. Integrate GitHub with Katalon TestOps:
  • In Katalon TestOps, go to “Settings” > “Integration” and select “GitHub” from the available integrations.
  • Follow the instructions to connect your GitHub account to Katalon TestOps. This integration will allow Katalon TestOps to access your GitHub repositories.
  1. Add Your Project to GitHub:
  • In Katalon Studio, commit and push your project to GitHub. This will make your project files available in your GitHub repository.
  1. Import Project into Katalon TestOps:
  • In Katalon TestOps, go to “Projects” and click “Add Project”.
  • Select “Import from Git” and choose the appropriate GitHub repository and branch where your Katalon project is located.
  • Katalon TestOps will import your project from GitHub.
  1. Set Up Test Suites and Test Cases in Katalon TestOps:
  • In Katalon TestOps, you can organize your test suites and test cases according to your project structure. Create test suites and add test cases to them.
  1. Syncing Updates:
  • When you make changes to your Katalon project in GitHub (e.g., update test cases, add new test cases, etc.), commit and push the changes to the repository.
  • To sync the changes with Katalon TestOps, go to “Projects” and click the “Sync” button next to your project. This will update your project in Katalon TestOps with the latest changes from GitHub.

Thanks for the detailed instructions!!

Hi Elly,
In point number 4 I can’t find “Import from Git” section, and it’s seems confusing to follow all the instructions without a picture or video. Would you like to guide me please? thank you


For the guide sample, please follow: Upload test scripts from the Git repository to TestOps | Katalon Docs

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