Configure Testops

Hi, I am new to using Testops. We recently purchased an Enterprise license in the company. Our purpose is that developers or PMs can run the tests without having to do it from a specific PC, they can do it “in the cloud”. At future levels, we want to go as far as using jenkins to achieve CI.
In project>setting I have my organization and team information added.
I am a bit confused about the steps to follow. I have followed the steps described in the documentation Test execution with TestOps | Katalon Docs
Create a local test environment with an Agent | Katalon Docs
Upload test scripts from the Git repository to TestOps | Katalon Docs

But however, I am not able to create an execution schedule in the “Test execution” section of Testops. When I link my script from Configuration>Create git script repository the result is not as expected and no information appears in the Test Suite collections section. The repository configuration I do is for bitbucket following the steps of the Katalon documentation (app password for the token with permissions)


Please, if there is any step that I am missing, tell me, I recently started to make the tests I was doing in manual to automatic, I am a non technical profile and I am following the katalon documentation, but I am lost.

Thank you very much for your help.

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@ester.martinez - Please look doc Schedule test runs in TestOps | Katalon Docs

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yes, I read that document when I consulted Upload test scripts from the Git repository to TestOps | Katalon Docs but I can’t get results from the linked script, even though it is the same one that stores the use cases of the project in katalon. It must have some concrete structure?

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Can you send us some screenshot where are you facing problem.

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Sorry for the delay. Sure! thanks about you interest. Which img do you need? @atul.rai

some error message that you are facing

The problem has been solved. It was a combination of permission issues on bitbucket and an error in my project folder. Thanks for keeping an eye out.
Now I’m going for the Katalon Runtime Engine to see how it goes. Do you also use it ?
Thank you!

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Yes , I use KRE.