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The functionality of having a direct link from the Project to our GIT code repo would be very useful. This would remove the need to have to re-download the repo from GIT and then re-upload to Test Ops after each commit. Is there anyway to do this currently?


This to me seems an absolute must…we have a small team constantly creating new and updating existing test cases and test suites, and to have to manually upload a zipped project file (that we have to manually export from GIT) seems cumbersome, and partially defeats the objects of setting a schedule (if you have to do something manual before the schedule kicks-in).

Our project files are already on our target execution machine using GIT, so in an ideal world, we’d just select the Test Suite Collection in TestOps, with an Agent/Machine, and everything is seamless.

Please can someone from Katalon confirm whether or not this is being developed? It seems the natural solution to me.


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I’m a bit late to the part here, but I think this is possible and you are probably already aware.

See the section ‘Use Git repository as a Test Project’ in the following link: