Workaround for the error: "Unable to schedule a test run in TestOps"

I wanted to post this FIX here just incase someone had the same issue.


You are not able to schedule test runs in Katalon test ops. In the “Script Repository” field there is a repo selected However it still does not work. the Object Name, ENV and Profiles are blank.

POSSIBLE FIX: This worked for us

In the script repository REMOVE the .git at the end of your repo name.


  1. Go to settings in Katalon TestOps
  2. Select Script Repositories
  3. Select EDIT on the top right
  4. Edit URL name ( remove .git) if yours has it
  5. SAVE
  6. Retest your scheduled run

WHEN we removed .git everything started to appear.

I will not take the credit for this fix as one of my colleagues was able to figure this out! I just wanted to advise the community.

If I posted this in the wring place, please forgive me.


Thanks for sharing!!

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