Test Suite not executing

I am facing one issue related to test suite execution in Katalon studio, Whenever I am selecting a testcase to execute in a suite, and starting the execution, the browser is opened, and then immediately closed, and report generated with no case being executed. Even in the report it is showing 0 cases executed. This was working fine till a few days ago. Any idea, what could be the issue?

Was the testcase renamed or moved to a different folder?
Refresh the project or collect the test cases into the test suite again.

It also may be possible that the version of your browser is not “compatible” with the driver KS has for that browser, such as KS may have v106 but Edge could now be v108. There should be some error message in your Console about the driver though should this be the case. Windows 10 (MS) automatically updates their Edge browser driver whenever. This is an easy fix that KS allows you to do.

Also, did you edit your Test Case and add some Copy and Paste? Maybe you have identified a variable more than once. Again, you should get an error message in the Console about “MultipleComplilationError”. This you will have to review and fix.

And, maybe you have an uninitiated variable near the beginning that becomes defined as null. For this, you have to make sure your variables are initiated, like:
def customer = ""