Test Suites section is not displaying correct test suite


I open Katalon Studio and review Test Suites.
I expect to see a test suite titled “TYP”.
But instead I see “TYP_1”
The following do nothing.

  1. Double click it
  2. Attempt to delete it
  3. Reopen the Katalon project
  4. Refresh the project
  5. Clean Up the project
    I open the “Test Suites” directory and the “TYP” files exist as expected…
    Everything looks good too in “Test Cases” and “Scripts”.

Is there a recommended solution?

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Could you please share some more details about your test environment Like-

Katalon Version: ?
Trail/Enterprise: ?
Java: ?
OS: ?


Katalon Version: Version 8.1.0 Build 208
Trail/Enterprise: Not sure what this is
Java: Version 8 Update 331
OS: MS Windows 10 Enterprise Version 10.0.19042 Build 19042

Hi Ilya_Novak,

Please update v8.1.0 to v8. 3.5 and verify the test suite again.

Please see our release history here-