Unable to call test case in test suite


Here i am facing this error in Test suite some of cases was failed during run entire test suite of katalon studio

Here i was attached error snapshot in Report PDF Also attached my test suite screenshot

Please take a look and update me as soon as possible

Thanks !

Hi @bansari.g

Does the test case fails when executed alone (Without a test suite). Based on the execution log I think this is the problem with the test itself rather than with Katalon Studio.


Executed Alone this test cases also not working i will check and posted issue in this post

And Please check this error


The problem in your first post is caused by this:

Your Test Case is expecting $200.00 but the AUT has the value 352.20. Notice, not only are the digits different, the AUT value does not have a “$”

It looks to me that your Test Case is working properly. It found a discrepancy. If the discrepancy is in error, fix your Test Case to look for the correct value.

ok i will check its calculations issue and thanks a lot for solution and i will take care of this

Please limit your topic/post to one question . and next time i will post to one question so we can easily troubleshoot