Empty TestSuites


When I run one test suite of my WebService Katalon project, I see two executions listed. One of them being the actual test suite I intended to execute and then another one which is completely empty:

Please let me know what other details to provide.


Hi @stephan.clemens,
Can you message me your project ID so we can investigate further?

Hi @stephan.clemens,
Thanks for reporting. Next week, there will be a new version fixing this data issue. I will keep you updated!
Have a good weekend!

Thank you, enjoy your weekend

I was curious if this issue was to be resolved yet? I am still seeing empty test suites within the executions table? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Jeffrey_Kemble
Can you downloadKatalon Studio latest version and try uploading your test results to KA again to see if the issue still happens?

There was a bug in older KS version that passed duplicate and empty execution result.

We are currently using 6.0.5, is that not the latest?

6.1.0 is the latest one. I hope this version will work for you.

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Hi @mia.ferguson and @Jeffrey_Kemble, sorry for the late reply. Yes the switch to 6.1.0 made the difference. Working well now. Thanks for all your work!!


Yep that was it! I used the check for updates within KS 6.0.5, and it said I was up-to-date. Just assumed that was the latest. Thanks for the help, 6.1.0 appears to have resolved the issue.

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Hello - I noticed that around 9:45 am CST this morning we started to receive empty test suite reports again? Not sure if there was another update, but around 04/09/2019 09:45:39 (cst) was the last time we have received a test suite correctly.

From the dashboard view you can initially see the results as they run, then upon completion empty. The console output says the console report does not throw any errors and all looks okay.

09:50:37 End sending to Katalon Analytics 09:50:37 Report has been sent to Katalon Analytics

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Hi all, I’ve also been experiencing the issue with my web service test suites. I’m currently running Katalon 6.1.0

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Similar issue reported here Katalon report uploader creates empty test suite executions?

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After reviewing this it does appear that eventually the suite data fills. I think there could be latency do to the volume of requests we hit this with from an apparent cron syntax error for kicking automation. Later in the afternoon, at least it appeared our issues started to slowly clear up…


@mia.ferguson, this issue appears to have re-surfaced again on 6.1.0. Our last successful import to Katalon Analytics was ‘04/19/2019 15:13:24’, everything is now empty since? Not sure if there has been a recent known regression on this?

I waited it out a couple days, again thinking this is due to the API choking on data/requests, but would have assumed at least something from this week by now… :thinking:

This appears to have been resolved with the fix on this post: Katalon report uploader creates empty test suite executions?