Testcloud performance issues

Hey guys,

we are starting to using testcloud now, and we have rather heavy performance issues:

Tests that normally run for 30 seconds are now taking up to 110 seconds. openBrowser takes around 40-50+ seconds alone, and every click/settext wich normally takes around 1 second can now take up to 7 seconds.

I let them execute them on the same browser on testcloud as on local…

Is there any special option I have to take or similar actions?

Thanks guys!

P.S.: And why are is the test still running on Testops, even if the execution was stopped over 5hrs ago?

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You should raise a support request to Katalon Help Center

In order to diagnose your case, it would be necessary to study the TestCould envrionment. Forum members have no access to it. Only Katalon would be able to help you.

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