Not sure the process of how Test cases, Test Suites and Test Suite Collection are being synced to Katalon TestOps

Dear People,

I noticed it took quite a while to have all Test cases, Test Suites and Test Suite Collections are completely being synced to the Katalon TestOps.

I always click the Refresh button for each Test case, Test Suite and Test Suite Collection. But they do not seem to get refreshed immediately. I understand that I have to wait but sometimes it took more than 15min to get the latest code update even I updated just a line of code in the test case.

Do we have any option or something to speed up the synchronization process? It’s getting annoying and fastrating really quick.

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How fast is your network connection from your PC to TestOps on the Internet?

If your connection is slow, then, I suppose, it would take long to sync TestOps with your local project.

How large is your project? How many Test Cases, Test Suites do you have? Some hundreds? — If your project is large, I suppose, it would take long to sync them.

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There are less than 20 test cases and several test suites. If you change only 1 line of code then you have to synce the entire project. I guess your system structure might need to be re-organized.


Thank you for your reply.


I haven’t used TestOps thorouhly. I had only a few times of experience. I remember that I had similar impression as yours — it takes long time to work. So I opt it off.

I am maybe wrong, but I think a combination of Katalon Studio running on a local PC backed by a remote service for additional/managerial features (TestOps) will inevitably involve huge volume of network data transfer. I think, this structure could never be efficient.

If Katalon is going to reorganize their product, one idea will be moving the runtime environment from the local PC to the remote service. Users will edit their code on their own PC but they will save it and run it remote on the server. Every testing processes should run remote! The UI may look something like AWS Cloud9. This will involve far little data transfer between local PC and remote servers. You will see no time gap while you monitor the progress of your test runs.

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Do you take screenshots at lot? If yes, stop taking them. Then it may run faster.

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Did you try Git ?

yeah!! git would help

I am using git, no such issues found as you observed.You can try once again after deleting local temp data and unnecessary reports.

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