Test Suite Collection name for Katalon Analytics

Is there any way to modify the table headers in Katalon Analytics? It seems odd that the Test Suite Collection name and browser used wouldn’t be shown on the execution summary page. I have to drill down into every report to figure out which one is which. It would be nice to see it right away or at least rename the execution or tag it somehow.

Also… when viewing the history of a test suite (/test-design/test-suites/) it shows the oldest executions first by default? It would be nice to sort it by the most recent executions.

Hello @Eric_Montou,

Thank you for your suggestions. FYI, name for Test Suite Collection is a soon-to-be-released improvement. Also, the newest-to-oldest sort is considered to be in our product backlog.

In the meantime, stay tuned. Happy Testing!



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Thank you for the update!