Better Organize Test Suite and clarify Test Reports

Do you happen to have in your backlog anything around better organizing the Test Suite screen? For example, I have my test cases neatly organized into folders, but when I add them to the test suite, it becomes one long list of test cases by ID. This makes it a little bit of a pain to select which items I’d like to run if I don’t want to run the entire suite.

Similarly, the resulting report is a massive, seemingly duplicated, list of test cases run because I use a DDT approach across multiple test cases. Is there a way to organize those by the same folder structure? Also I’d like to be able to append a name or assign a defining characteristic to each test case based on what was tested so I don’t have to drill into each test case to figure out what was run.



Me too.

Yep. Mindless.

Worse than that, ratifying what is and is not included (because you don’t trust yourself or you may have forgotten) means you need to read every line in the suite. That’s mindless. Puts me into a coma every time.

Here’s what should happen: (and this is a bare-bones, one-shot improvement that could easily lead to something much better)

Tests Explorer

  1. Katalon adds a tag to each test that is NOT YET added to any suite. Katalon also lists these tests in RED. Now I can search/filter them AND see them at a glance.
  2. Katalon adds a tag to each test that IS added to a suite and removes the former. The tag is the first (say) 15 characters of the suiteID. Now I can search/filter them.
  3. Katalon repeats #2 for each suite that the TC is a member of.

Test Suite View

Katalon presents the list as it does in the Tests Explorer, with folders intact. You can uncheck[1] a folder which would NOT_RUN the entire contents of the folder.

[1] RANT: Please someone replace that idiotic fake-checkbox with a real, “single click is enough” checkbox before I go insane. The times I’ve clicked those things ONCE and moved on WITHOUT checking to see if the click changed the checkbox state only to find out MUCH LATER the click had no effect because I forgot I need to slowly click it twice… I’m so sick of babysitting this thing I want to kill baby kittens or something. /Rant.

Good post Morgan. Thanks!


HA, I do that constantly. And the color is so dark blue it’s hard to see that I’ve checked it. Solidarity, friend! Thanks for the comments. :slight_smile:

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For DDT will be nice to have a feature like the @Unroll annotation works in Spock, e.g by default to collapse all runs in a single report with a summary of passed/failed iterations and an option (checkbox + command line parameter) to generate detailed reports per iteration …

I know is not easy to implement, but will be cool to have it.

Hi everyone,

We have an update on this in v8.2.0 recently, now each iteration will have data binding indicating section in HTML report.

Please first check out the release note and click here to download if you want to try out version 8.2.0 (stable).