Analytics Dashboard - sorted by ID (defeats the object of a dashboard)

I noticed recently that Katalon Analytics has been a bit up and down recently, though it looks more stable today since last time I checked.

However, I’ve noticed that the Dashboard (a feature I suggested in an earlier thread) is now sorted by ID. This completely defeats the object of a dashboard - IMO - where results should ‘come in’ as they happen - i.e. most recent first - i.e. sorted by date/time.

For example, I have three main projects. The latest IDs for each project execution are as follows:

  • Project 1 - #488
  • Project 2 - #962
  • Project 3 - #1003

So naturally, with the dashboard being sorted by ID, I’m only seeing results come in for Project 3 (on the first few pages at least), and I have to navigate back many pages to see any results for Project 1 (even executions that finished 5 minutes ago).

Please can you address this so that the dashboard - like it was when first implemented - sorts by date, with most recent displayed first.

Also, as an aside, the ‘Running’ section fails to show any executions for me, whether I’m running a project directly from within Katalon Studio, or through an execution started from Jenkins.


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Thank you for the feedback. We realized the design defect too and will switch to new sorting config soon. The running section only works with Katalon Studio 5.10 which is under beta testing for now.

That’s great - thanks for your very quick response. Looking forward to 5.10 :slight_smile:

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