Test suit using test cloud execution throws an error Caused by: org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: Unable to parse remote response: Response: 402, Code: TCS10005, Message: Not enough parallel quota in katalon

Hi, I had executed Test suit using test cloud through katalon studio as well as by scheduler. It is not executing test cases in suit after some time It throughs an error “Caused by: org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: Unable to parse remote response: Response: 402, Code: TCS10005, Message: Not enough parallel quota in katalon”. I have run multiple time but it seems not working

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This is a known issue from our side, I will ask my teammate for the workaround and back to you soon. Thank you!

Okay. Thanks for update


After investigating, can we ask how much quota/license you have and how many execution you’ve been running at that time? Have you chosen run parallel or one by one?

Hi, I am executing test suits which have more than 40-50 tests. And I am not choosing parallel execution and done sequential only. Every week I am running test suits and also at the time of creation I am checking test suit execution. As per my understanding , License is KSE per-User and quota=2. Can you update me once why test suit is not executing with test cloud?

You wrote “test suites” which is plural. This implies to me that you have 2 or more test suites.

Let me confirm, how many “test suite(s)” do you have? 1 or more?

Do you use any “Test Suite Collection” that execute multiple “test suites” sequentially?

Yes, currently I have 3 test suits. I am executing one test suit collection of 3 test suits on weekly interval. I am not running more than one test suit at a time. When I want to do analysis of test suit execution to check why tests are failed that time I execute single test suit.

@smit I would like to know how many TestCloud license that you have? Please give me your orgID to check further. Thank you.

Hi, Organizational ID 149809. Please let me know

@smit We’ve checked and your organization ID 149809 has 1 TestCloud session only so we would like to make sure that you execute your test with Sequential mode and no one else in your organization ID 149809 (if any) execute tests at the same time with you. Please help check and give us your feedback. Thank you.

Hi ,
No one is using Testcloud session. Only I am occupying Katalon for test cloud execution. Please let me know possible causes and solution asap. Today also I run test suit which has 45 tests , Suit is failed showing error message in each test " Caused by: org.openqa.selenium.remote.UnreachableBrowserException: Could not start a new session. Possible causes are invalid address of the remote server or browser start-up failure."

The log that contained this message must have a lot of more lines; there could be some information that would indicate the reason why the browser start-up failed. I am afraid you haven’t checked the log carefully enough. Please study the log entirely from the start to the end to find more information.

execution0.log (62.7 KB)
Please check log and give me possible solution

I could not find anything new. All the execution0.log says is that you do not have enough parallel quota.

You might have another ever-lasting job that continues days and nights, don’t you?

No, I dont have ever lasting job. I have deleted all such type of job last month. Now Only one job is running at a time.


It might be the case that TestCloud still remember the never-ending job of @smit. I mean, TestCloud might have a bug that it does not forget the previous state that should have been forgotten. TestCloud still thinks that @smit has a job that consumes a parallel quota, but acutally he hasn’t.

Then What would be the solution for this?

I don’t know. Ask Katalon to check the TestCloud.


I will ask my team to check it ASAP and back to you soon if it is bug.

Please do it asap because of this issue, I can not execute test/testsuit using testcloud