Test suits of TS collection are not executing Parallelly in Testops Testcloud

I have created Test suit collection of 7 test suits.
I run Test collection in katalon studio that time It executing all suits parallelly as per given settings (Max_concurrentInstances=8 and Delay_Bet_Instance=120). When I am executing Test suit collection using TestOps Test cloud that time It is executing one by one test suit for execution and putting other test suits in queue until completion of first test suit execution. When first test suit executes completely then after 120 Seconds It is starting second test suit from collection. I think it’s not parallel execution.
So Please anyone help me out to clarify Test suit collection execution using Test cloud.


Do you receive any error logs?

Got solution. Actually problem of parallel session license

What is it?
Could you tell us a bit more about what it is.

Actually I have license of one parallel session through testcloud. I am running test suit collection which was set in parallel mode. When I am executing this, it takes single session first to run after completion of first it takes second means It works like sequential mode.

I have never heard that “the license of parallel session through TestCloud”. Could you point me to the URL of Katalon’s web page that describes about it?


Thank you for the reference to the doc. Now I understand that TestCloud is licensed by “Number of Parallel Sessions”.