Katalon 6.3.3 vs 8.6.0 - Slower execution speed

I have tested execution speed in Katalon ver. 6.3.3 and 8.6.0 in the same environment and find that the latest version is a lot slower, in my situation by over 40%. I have also disabled the “Default Smart Wait” functionality in 8.6.0…

What else could affect speed execution the latest version?


There could be many factors.

One of them could be this:

Plus, you should compare the 2 logs taken in v6.3.3 and v8.6.0 to find out which specific test steps got slower. Any significant performance differences should have some reasons. You need to look at each symptoms indivisually in detail. Performance issues could be resolved only by your detail inspections.

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Can you share with your report on both v6.3.3 and v8.6.0?
And share an example of test case script

I have done a detailed analysis and found out that the main reason for slower execution is step waitForElementNotPresent which is unable to locate an element by XPath. Also, the navigateToUrl step is quite slow…

Is it related to this?

Yes, thanks for the info.

Then you should wait for the v8.6.1 to be released

When the release of v8.6.1 is expected?

Read this: