Test cases not running on Chrome

Hi ,So as of today my test cases are not running on the Chrome browser showing these issues. I have the latest chrome verison running and also have the latest chrome driver running. Please help. Thanks

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@Elly_Tran @duyluong In regard to this issue, have you guys integrated this into Katalon anywhere?:


I rarely have issues with Chrome/Chromedriver version mismatches with this.

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Hi @sshaharyar, You need to be using Katalon Studio Version 8.6.6+

Hi @Dave_Evers I am using the latest Katalon verison Thanks

This screeshot tells that you have ChromeDriver v119 on your machine. How did you get it?

The Chrome for Testing availability tells that as of 14 Oct 2023, ChromeDriver v119 is in the beta status, not the stable version

I believe Katalon Studio will never fetch the Beta version of ChromeDriver.

Therefore I guess, you manually downloaded the v119 Beta version on your machine and installed it. You have made a manual change, so that Katalon Studio is no longer able to manage the version of ChromeDriver. If you want to administor the WebDrivers manually, that’s ok, and you should be fully responsible for it. You should not expect Katalon Studio to help you much.

I would suggest you to uninstall Katalon Studio once and reinstall the latest version. Then, the “Tools > Update WebDriver > Chrome” menu would work.

I also wonder which version of Chrome browser you have? v118? v119? or v120? You should have the Stable version with the “auto-update” config to be ON if you want Katalon Studio to manage the driver version for you. If you have beta version of Chrome, you should uninstall it and install the stable version.