Katalon doesn't support Chrome 79 version (MacOS)

Main idea of problem:
Chrome version was updated and when the user executes test or run Web Recorder he will get an error.

Steps to reproduce
1st case. During test execution

  1. Execute any of test in Google Chrome browser
    Actual result: In “Log viewer” you will get an error. Crash will be happened at 2nd step which is: "OpenBrowser('testing web resource name’URL) and during the "Starting ‘Chrome’ driver test will be failed.

2nd case. During Web test record running

  1. Go to the Test Case
  2. Click to the Web test record button

Actual result: Will appear a pop-up window with such description:
Session not created: This version of Chrome Driver only supports Chrome version 77.


  1. Go to this site ChromeDriver - WebDriver for Chrome - ChromeDriver Canary and download the latest ChromeDriver version which MUST be the same as a Chrome version
  2. Go to the Downloads folder on your PC and run it. As a result you will get chromedriver exec file.
  3. Go to the Application folder and find Katalon Studio.app
  4. Call the context menu of Katalon Studion.app and choose “Show package context”
  5. Go to Contents/Eclipse/Configuration/Resource/Drivers/chromedriver_mac
  6. Replace existing chromdriver to chromedriver which has been already exist in Downloads folder
  7. You may try to execute tests or run Katalon Test Record

Or simply do this: