Switch/Change activation user

I activated Katalon using a personal account for a trial period. Now that we’re going to use it more and Jira is needed, I want to change the user to the official one, the one I use at work. I couldn’t find any option to do it, is there one?

Similar message but never got an answer.

Same problem. Someone could help us ?!

The following will force a re-prompt for the Katalon user account:

  1. Navigate to <user.home>/.katalon, e.g. on windows it would be similar to C:\Users\JohnExample.katalon
  2. Edit the application.properties file in a text editor
  3. Remove the following properties:
  • activated
  • email
  • password
  1. Save the file
  2. Launch Katalon Studio and the activation dialog will be displayed
  3. Enter the account details that you want to use
  4. View the application.properties file to check if the properties have been updated
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If you’re using MacOS, go to your Home, press Cmd + Shift + . to show hidden files. You’ll see “.katalon” folder.

easier, just remove the .katalon folder, no mater what OS in use.
it will be recreated at the next launch