Angry opinion about account switch

Hello Katalon community.
I just wanted to express my anger at the people who handle the katalon accounts.
I had a problem that was rather a confusion that was this post.

What happened is that I was informed that it is not possible to switch from enterprise to Runtime account and that I must buy another license. Having already bought one.

The issue of money would not be the problem, what I question would be the little desire to help clients since we all know here that it is a change in the database only, whoever says otherwise I think they do not know anything about the world of programming.

My anger will go away obviously, but I want the developers who see this to think if it would not be good to do this since in the future it could happen with a renowned company.

the emails where I spoke were

@Dung_Ngo5 @Dung_Ngo6 @testleonhart1234 @testleonhart324

Dung Ngo,

Where are you?

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hi @kazurayam
I did not mean to insult.

Just expressing that it is not fair that a license is paid by mistake and it cannot be changed.

When the corresponding people were explained of the error raised.

Katalon seems like a great tool to me

Dung once introduced himself to me as the product owner in Katalon Inc. I think he should be informed of the incident and get prepared.

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Hello @kazurayam From now I must thank you.

But I know it is a business model that I do not think can change in the short term for the help of katalon clients.

Likewise, we do not lose anything in seeing this if it can help us.

anything I will give you personal contact

Thank you very much for the tip

I think we can notify @YoungNgo too on this matter.

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I contacted Dung privately.

@Russ_Thomas, I await for the decision.

Let him know that the tool and the subscription will be kept. It is only to change the type of license.

Before any type of contact

I’ll let him read your message. It’s quite clear what you are asking for.

Hi @Testing_Memory ,

My name is Young Ngo, and it is very nice to e-meet you.

First of all, thank you so much for choosing Katalon Studio as your testing tool. I had reviewed your request from the email thread and the ZenDesk ticket. It seems like you are currently subscribed to our monthly Katalon Studio Enterprise and would like to switch to Katalon Runtime Engine.

Though we would always want to support our users’ experience, we need to follow our standard procedures. From the technical side, it is merely a change in the current database. But from a business perspective, it will require an approval process and finance reconciliation in terms of license change and revenue change.

As per our team communication to you, it is up to the billing team’s decision. Once again, we thank you for your request. We will take it into consideration that allows an option for our user to switch between licenses type without any friction. If anything would change in the future, we will let you know.

I hope for your understanding.

P.S. Thank you, @Russ_Thomas @kazurayam


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Good morning @YoungNgo
I already appreciate the answer from you.
We understand what you are transmitting to us and we have decided that we will take advantage of enterprise until the deadline.
And in 2021 we will buy the runtime license to improve our processes.

From now on I thank everyone involved again
@Russ_Thomas @kazurayam, for his willingness to always help.

From now on we will be contributing to the community

Thank you pablo