Activation popup, on Katalon startup / load

I have recently upgraded to Katalon Studio v 7.2.1, and each time I start Katalon Studio, I am prompted with the Katalon Studio Activation popup.

I enter my email address and password, and proceed from there without issue.

Is there something I can do to prevent the Katalon Studio Activation popup from appearing each time I start Katalon Studio?


First, make sure you are using the same exact account on TestOps.

If they are the same…

  1. Close Katalon Studio.

  2. In Windows Explorer, go to C:\Users\<username>\.katalon

  3. Rename to

  4. Restart Katalon Studio and reactivate.

  5. Close Katalon Studio again.
    5.1 There should now be a new file in the folder above.

  6. Restart Katalon again. You should NOT be asked to activate again.
    6.1 If you are asked again to reactivate, then we’ve reached the end of my knowledge here.