Two emails on Katalon Studio account


I was just curious is there a way to put a backup email on your Katalon Studio account? For example here in the forums if I was to ever switch jobs I would no longer have access to my work email. Would be nice to use my personal email as a backup email.


I have the same question.

@Russ_Thomas @devalex88


Well, there is a Secondary Email in the settings but it seems it isn’t enabled. At least, I couldn’t see a way to set it/change it.


you can change the email adress.
but only the email in the user profile on the forum will be changed, for activating katalon still the initial one will remain valid


arn’t they connected? and does that mean I would have to create a new account if I go to a new company?


i kept my account, just changed the email in profile … but i still have to login/activate with company email.
looks like the various parts of the platforms provided are not well connected


I’m having an issue I updated my email address on my profile but I can’t use it to login and I’m getting notifications to my former email. How do I change my main account to my new email address?


Is there anything else I can do to update my email? Or who would be the contact for that?


Im having the same behaviour as Blaze, have changed my email to a personal one instead of work but cannot login with that email


Having the same issues would like to update my main email address and there doesn’t seem to be a solution for that! :-1:

My email account will be closed in matters of weeks and like to receive updates/mails as normal without the need for creating a new account.


just change your e-mail address in your profile.
the ‘login’ name will still be the same as at the creation time, but will be associated with your up-to-date email so any correspondence will be received there.


@Ibus, Unfortunately that is not true at all!


it worked for me


It is also true for me - i now receive all my notifications to my updated Profile email