How to either change account e-mail or have testops KRE for gmail e-mail account

Hi there,

Trying to set up a license for KRE, I am experiencing some hurdles. Can anyone help?

First, I was logged in with my team’s credentials (I verified and saw my team’s name in the top right corner) before completing the purchase. When I purchased the KRE license, this somehow was added to my personal account (which was active in another tab I later found out). Cancelling the license and buying a new one would costs me 1 month of license, so for this month we’ll use my account. This is a shame, and I really hope the frontend can be fixed for this erroneous behaviour, but we can overcome this for now.

Secondly, and more importantly, I want the integration with TestOps to show my test results. My KRE license is not showing there. It looks like there are free licenses, but I cannot use them. Does this have something to do with my personal account e-mail ending with And if so, does anyone know how I can change the e-mail address tied to my account? At the end, I wanted to buy the license for my team’s account, but that failed…

Thirdly, I was writing a support request with katalon, which I could not complete:

I’m really okay with paying for good functionality, but these first hours after purchase have not given me a good feeling yet.