Support Test Suite Sub-Folders in TestOps Script Repositories

tl;dr It would be awesome if TestOps did a recursive search inside the /Test Suites/ folder for all .ts files instead of only /Test Suites/*.ts

How much will it affect you while this goes unresolved?

  1. It doesn’t affect much, but I believe Katalon team should have this ticket resolved

Describe the feature you’d like or how the current features need to be updated

My team organizes all of our Test Suites into sub-folders underneath the Test Suites folder:

Unfortunately, when using this on TestOps as a Script Repository, only the .ts files immediately under the /Test Suites/ folder are picked up. I went ahead and copied a couple of our .ts files to the /Test Suites/ folder to test this theory, and sure enough those files (and only those files) were picked up:

I tested using symbolic links, and those were not picked up, either. That, too, would be a painless solution since at least then I could keep the files in their current locations organized in sub-folders and just link to the needed ones inside the /Test Suites/ folder.

I’m new to this job, was pushing for using the Katalon Scheduler to schedule test runs, and now I’ve got to have a meeting with my supervisor and the QA team to tell them that my idea will require re-organizing our existing structure and changing everything in our system that depends on those file locations :person_facepalming:


In a TestOps Script Repository, do a recursive search in the /Test Suites/ folder to find all .ts files organized in any sub-folders.

Hi shaun.mitchell,

Noted the suggestion, we will get back when we have updates for this.