My Test Suites Collection not detected in TestOps Git Script Repository

  • Katalon Studio Version: 8.3.5
  • OS Version: Win 10
  • Browser Version: Chrome Version 102.0.5005.63

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to TestOps and Click Configuration
  2. In Script Repositories, Click Create Git Script Repository
  3. Success connect and create GitHub Script Repository
  4. Click on the Script Repositories “ktln-eunoia-rocks-staging.git”
  5. Click Refresh Test Suite Collection

Bugs/Actual result: My Test Suite and Test Suite Collection do not appear or are not detected in the Script Repository after clicking refresh or refresh the browser.
I have tried selecting all scopes when creating personal access token in the “New personal access token” page

Expected behavior: My Test Suite and Test Suite Collection will appear or be detected in the Script Repository after clicking refresh.

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Hi there,

Thank you for your information. I’m sourcing our internal team for solution. Stay tuned!

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Hi @vu.tran

Any update on my problem?.

Thank you.
Best regard,

@vu.tran any news here? I have the same issue here.

When “commiting” the test clone in GitHub all the folders come as “empty”.

@alief are the TestSuites / TestSuites collection available on your Git?

Mine are not

Now my TestSuites / TestSuites are available on my Script Repositories. What i do is:

  1. Create a new sample project on Katalon (e.g Sample Web UI Test Project) according to this site Sample projects overview | Katalon Docs.
  2. Save the project and push it to my git.
  3. Follow instructions on how to add Script Repositories, and test if the TestSuites / TestSuites appear on Script Repositories.
  4. If the TestSuites / TestSuites appear, put all your test cases on the sample project, push it to your git, and refresh the Script Repositories.

Hello everyone,

Please make sure the Katalon project is at the top level of git repo, not inside any folder.
And also, you need to make sure you only have one project file (.prj) in the project folder. Otherwise, it will not recognize the collection.

Another common reason for this was Git refreshing problems, when it’s been refreshed too much Git might label it as spam and hence block the connection.